copyright TELEVIEW by  ACS-MEDIT 2012 the best choice for FTP sending There’s a reason to work with us...Equipment Hd and sending by 3g globcast is really effective and also give you the possibility to have direct on time with you’re journaliste and you’re Network or TV. Only in Eng and without a truck equipment and all you know about the expensive coast to realise you’re project on Air ... Teleview have the best  shooting experience and a good technical solution with light price .”We realise that you have really very short Time to cactch i nformation Tv and to Diffuse it. Take a break in the rush and be sure that Teleview help you anytime when you need of course.. We have more than 10 years of video broadcast experience. Give the best to you’re Journalist  crew and good impression for your’s contact agent. The good place at the right time is for you with TELEVIEW. “FAX +33(0)4-92-15-07-76     GSM +33(0)6-62-11-42-45 Réalisé avec Xara